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5th-Mar-2011 02:31 pm - PSD : Demi Lovato
 say thanks if u're taking this

18th-Dec-2010 02:13 pm - im not even breaking
 i just received a good news..and a bad one too..
the bad one really made me sad..
i wasnt cheating..i tried my best..and i got nothing..
i dont know whether i should tell my parents or not
:P kind of confuse..

now its already december..the 2nd month of my holidays..
i will be back to school in just a few weeks
i really dont want to go there..well..FYI..its my new school
arghh..its hard..i need to start back from the bottom..
i miss my old school..friends and my old room :(

pray for me guys..btw happy quaziggyziggyzam !! 
and yes..the jobros really cheer me up with their old jokes..love them haha

16th-Dec-2010 05:45 pm - hey there
 i started using livejournal months ago because i wanted to find good colourings for photoshop.
haha...but only now i start to write and post something here..
before this i only viewed other people profile and entry..
GOSHHH ! now im going to be an active LJ user..
here i comeeeee ! :D

feel free to add me and say hello ! love...byyee 
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